Can your car pass its mot with the engine management light on

Can your car pass its mot with the engine management light on?

It’s really annoying when you’ve got an MOT coming up in a few days and your EML is still flashing.

We spend a lot of time Googling methods to get around the EML or, worse, purchasing a low-cost scanner that won’t even be able to read the EML codes. Don’t go down this rabbit hole; I’ve been there before.

I’ve found that simply clearing the codes usually does the trick and saves you hundreds of pounds in diagnostic fees and fault finding. To clear the codes and make the EML disappear you need to get yourself and OBD2 scanner. This scanner plugs into your car and then you can read/clear the codes. The scanners nowadays are not that expensive to buy. Check out the Best OBD2 Scanners for your car.


Yes, if your EML Engine Management Light is on when the engine has been started, your car will fail its MOT. It is now classified as a major fault under the new MOT regulations. If your light is on constantly or blinking, get yourself a OBD2 scanner and check why its on.

What exactly is an EML, and how do I fix it?

An EML light indicates that there is a problem with your car’s electrical system. It is quite simple to repair an EML; you must first identify the fault code on your car. It might be as easy as moving a plug or switch, which has set a fault code on the vehicle. To repair the EML problem, simply reset or clear it using an OBD2 Scanner, Click here to view our recommended OBD2 Scanners.